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Home Care Costs and Comparisons

Home Care Costs in Red Deer AlbertaCosts and Comparisons of Home Care and Retirement Homes

If you are researching health care options for you or a loved one, you are most likely asking the question: “what is the better option for me, retirement home or remain at home?” This is a difficult decision, but one that must be considered.

Many families believe that once an elderly loved needs help, its time to move them into institutional care, however, this isn’t the case and any level of care can be provided at home. But what are the relevant costs to both, and which one makes most sense for you?

There are four main options to consider when it comes to senior care in Red Deer and Central Alberta. There are retirement homes, long-term care facilities, family caregivers, or home care agencies. Many factors will affect your decision such as costs, personal preferences, medical needs and lifestyle choice.

Cost Overview of Home Care Services:

Unfortunately, in Canada universally funded home care doesn’t exist. In other words, the government can’t afford to pay for the vast majority of the home care needs in Canada. In Alberta, only a small percentage of total health expenditures go towards home care services, as hospitals, specialists, physicians and other areas typically get more funding. This is where private care is often required by many seniors and families. Private home care is typically contacted once government subsidies and family members can no longer provide the quality of care their loved one needs. Private Home Care Agencies, like Retire-At-Home in Red Deer and Central Alberta, can fill in the holes and manage all the resources to ensure all levels of care flow smoothly.

In recent studies, it was shown that 26% of Canadians took care of a loved one who had serious health concerns. It is estimated that family caregivers provide 80% of all the home care provided in Canada, supplementing the little care that government is able to provide. The same studies show that 20 hours per week is the average hours a family caregiver spends caring for their loved one over a period of 4 years.

A good private home care agency should be able to build care plans around the subsidized care that is provided ,helping families truly understand how to manage all facets of the care. Tens of thousands of Albertans purchase millions of addition home care hours annually in order to keep their loved ones at home, proving that private care is a common and much needed service.

The average client of Retire-At-Home spends approximately $1500-$2000 per month to remain at home. Some clients spend as little as $80 per month to help with basic needs such as housekeeping or meals. At the other end of the spectrum, some clients receive care 24 hours per day, 7 days a week when faced with an injury, surgery or have palliative care needs. With no contracts, our home care services can be as flexible as you need ensuring you minimize cost and receive care only when needed.

Cost Overview of Institutional Care:

For those that are interested in a retirement home or nursing home, there are many options to choose from. Red Deer and Central Alberta have a number of facilities that cater to different levels of care needs. The challenge is finding the right place, with the right care, that also has availability.

Here is a breakdown of Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Long-term Care costs in Red Deer and Central Alberta (costs may vary and change).

Independent Living – Not government regulated, clients pay themselves

  • Range $2000 – $4500
  • $500 – $1500 for additional person
  • Meals are available but usually for an additional cost
  • No personal care is provided
  • 24-hr on-call for emergencies
  • Fun programs often available for social gatherings
  • Availability of or include housekeeping/linens

Retirement Home (Assisted Living)

  • Independent Living – Not government regulated, clients pay themselves
  • Range $1700 – $5000
  • $500 – $1000 for additional person
  • Includes all meals, housekeeping, laundry
  • Personal support and assistance with activities of daily living, meds are available for purchase
  • 24-hr on-call for emergencies
  • Fun programs often available for social gatherings

Long Term Care (Nursing Home)

  • Government regulated, client pays the accommodation cost
  • Require government assessment to determine eligibility
  • Range $1600 – $2200
  • Average ratio of 12:1 patients to caregivers, with 24-hour support
  • Includes all meals, room cleaning, laundry services
  • Thousands of people on waiting lists, often waiting a 2-3 years.

Example of Cost Comparison between Retire-At-Home and a Retirement Home:

  • If a Senior needs 3 hours per day of Personal Care, help with meals, and medication reminders.
  • Average Price of Retirement Home in Red Deer and Central Alberta = $4000 per month (for one person).
  • Cost of hourly care = $30/hour.

Option1 – Retirement Home:

  • Senior moves to Retirement Home on 1-year contract
  • Assume 1 hour per day of Personal Care included, 2 hours per day are charged
  • Meals included
  • = $4000 + (2 hours x 30 days x $30/hour)
  • = $4000 + $1800
  • = $5800

Option2 – Retire-At-Home:

  • Client hires Retire-At-Home, remains in their own home, no contracts
  • Grocery bill for one person = $300/month
  • Utilities = $400/month
  • Emergency Response System installed = $40/month
  • = 3 hours x 30 days x $30/hour + $300 + $400 + $40
  • = $3440

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