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Safety in Public Spaces – Red Deer

When it comes to being out in public, there are many factors at play that can impact the sense of safety and security that seniors and their caregivers feel. It can be challenging to overcome some of the worries that come to mind, but with some planning, strategies, and routines in place, seniors and their caregivers can feel more at ease and more able to enjoy their time without constantly worrying about safety.

Tactile Stimulation for Seniors with Dementia–Red Deer

The practice of Tactile Stimulation is something that can help seniors with Dementia to connect to their sense of touch and, therefore, to elements of the world around them in a way that can be helpful psychologically, emotionally, and cognitively.

Transitioning Seniors Home from a Hospital Stay – Red Deer

With the various health concerns and increased risks that can often accompany older age, many seniors find themselves spending periods of time in the hospital for care and supervision. While returning home to one’s own space and environment can be an incredibly wonderful and comforting idea following time spent in the hospital, there is often some fear and anxiety associated with the transition and with arranging everything that is required to keep up proper care for recovery and health whilst back at home.

Seniors and Stroke – Red Deer

A Stroke, and the changes that may come as a result of this health event, can cause meaningful changes in seniors’ lives. Understanding what a Stroke is and what steps you can take to minimize your risk can be important, especially when moving up in age.

The Wonders of a Simple Walk – Red Deer

The list of activities that seniors can take part in to keep themselves busy, engaged, and interested throughout the day is unending. There are so many possible ways to spend time that can meet any interest and can accommodate any level of ability.

Using Colour as a Tool for Wellbeing – Red Deer

When it comes to seeking a better state of emotional health and wellbeing, there are so many possible avenues to explore both within the bio-medical realm and outside of it with more alternative therapies and techniques. Colour Therapy, also referred to as Chromotherapy is a practice that makes use of colour to promote feelings of wellbeing and help seniors address different areas of their emotional health. 

How Aromatherapy Can Help Support Seniors’ Wellbeing – Red Deer

When it comes to self-care, there are certain forms of soothing things that we know can help us feel better. When we want to feel a certain way, we make use of things that help us get there. A favourite song, a warm cosy blanket, a beautiful view; these are all things that tap into our senses and make us feel better. Sense of smell is a powerful sense, and surrounding oneself with different scents can really contribute to creating a certain mood or feel. Aromatherapy takes the knowledge of how powerful scent can be, and channels it into a form of therapy for the body, mind, and soul.

Seniors and Celiac Disease – Red Deer

Celiac disease is something that has gained a great deal more attention over recent years, with the gluten-free diet becoming more common now than it ever has been before. While most of the attention and literature surrounding Celiac Disease is centered around children and young adults, seniors facing the symptoms of the disease, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, can encounter various harmful health concerns. For this reason, developing an understanding of Celiac disease, its symptoms, and how to address associated concerns is important for seniors and their caregivers.

The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors – Red Deer

Gardening is an activity that allows for creativity, physical movement, interaction with nature, and a whole host of other positive features. Spending time outside working in the garden is a hobby that many seniors enjoy in the warm-weather months, but it can be more than just a fun way to pass the time.

Sun Protection for Seniors – Red Deer

The sun can make us feel happy and bright, but we also need to protect our skin from the damage the sun can cause. The spring and summer bring about warmer weather and longer days all aided by the wonderful sun which graces the skies with its bright presence. Taking...

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